Posting a Ban Request (What to have)

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Posting a Ban Request (What to have) Empty Posting a Ban Request (What to have)

Post  Lightsolid on Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:24 pm

First off, you'll need at leave evidence! Just saying " Please ban this player da da da da da " won't get him banned. You must provided evidence. (Also, we're usually watching all the players, but mistakes do happen) For example:
Ban Towards: Mr. Giggles
Reason: X-Raying
Proof: *Video/Screenshot*
Extra Information: I've seen his X-Ray mine, and it is claimed by him, please deal with him fast! Thank you!

^ This could work

What won't work is
Mr.giggles is a hacker, ban him nao!
Thank you for looking over this.

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